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At Medicare, great service is what we do.  Here’s the kind of service that backs up and ensures  quality:

Complete Verified Quality -Our friendly and experienced service team is dedicated to helping you receive high quality and personalized service at every level providing service reports, photographs of equipment on site, images from operating systems and Preventive Maintenance.

Technical Support – Including expert advice on service of any section of MRI machine-troubleshooting cryogenic , technical support,software,Radio-logical support etc.full system documentation service manuals and schematics.

Parts Support – We support on all kinds of spares and quality used replacement parts.

Complete De – Install & Reinstall Service- Our engineers do the job right, with the right tools , manuals and training .

MEDICARE SOLUTIONS & SERVICES offers Comprehensive Technical Support Contracts:

Medicare can supply the required expertise should you need to have on-site support to perform maintenance, calibration and repair of your diagnostic imaging equipment.

In most cases, your own service personnel can perform the required repair and maintenance, but may lack the experience or skill sets to accomplish the job without guidance. Technical Support agreements will enable your personnel to obtain the type of assistance which will enable your personnel to efficiently respond to most kinds of Mri Scanner,CT Scanner service,cryogenic issues.

Our comprehensive expertise in all major OEM imaging systems allows us to fully service Siemens MRI systems.Medicare is a leading MRI service provider and MRI service center. We provide MRI service for Siemens super con. MRI , permanent MRI service and closed MRI service as well as servicing Hitachi MRI units.

We offer many MRI services including an MRI service contract for MRI units. We can even send out an MRI field service engineer to provide service for a Hitachi MRI scanner. Contact us today to find out the price of our MRI services.