Full Service

  • On call Services- Full Service covers the labor, spare parts, and travel expenses required to correct equipment issues.
  • Service Area-  Can provide regular (amc/cmc) service of machine anywhere in India.
  • Service  Network- We use qualified engineers across the country to minimize travel time and maximize uptime.
  • Modalities We Cover-  Siemens MRI’s  – R/F room, Cryogenic-cold heads,helium filling, helium compressors and Shimming of all permanent magnets.
  • Overnight Parts- All of our replacement parts are sent overnight to the engineer’s  faster so repairs can be made sooner.
  • Preventative Maintenance- Visits are scheduled regularly  to keep your system running efficiently and resolve emerging issues before they put your equipment down hard.
  •  Clean/check Op. Work space Fans, Intakes, Monitor and Mouse
    • Check and Record Cryogenic Levels
    • Record Compressor Run Time and Pressure
    • Record Shield Temp. Voltage
    • Perform LV Gradient Shim
    • Perform Head SNR
    • Check and Adjust RF Power Output
    • Check Gradient Calibration
    • Check Oxygen Monitor Operation
    • Check Trolley Assembly, Table Drive Clutch Set Screws
    • Check PDU Indicator Lamps and Connections
    • Check Blower Filter, Chiller Fluid Level and Valve

Limited MRI Services from Medicare would include any custom MRI service agreement you feel best fits the needs of your Imaging Center. We have found in the past our customers need flexibility in the terms of MRI service contract and for this reason, we provide the most cost-effective MRI service solutions.

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