MEDICARE SOLUTIONS & SERVICES provides Exchange and Repair Services for MRI Coldheads. We service Leybold, GE, and Sumitomo.

Magnet Services

Magnet cool-downs, pump-downs, cryogenic fills, ramp, shim, and cryogenic supplies are a normal service Image provides. We have cold-head systems, helium compressors, fill lines, rental lines, and absorbers in stock. If we don’t have an item in stock we can usually provide 72-hour turnaround on any exchange part as well as 15 day turn around on rebuild/repairs.

Providing Innovative Cryogenic  Services and First Class Replacement Parts for the Cryogenic and MRI Industries
MEDICARE has been providing MRI Cryogenic Equipment and MRI Services. We offer exchange and repair services for MRI Coldheads and Compressors for Sumitomo, GE and Leybold. We have in stock MRI Flexlines and Adsorbers.

Our Expert MRI Service consists of Emergency On-Site Repair, Cryogen Sales & Fill Services, Cooldowns, Pumpdowns, Ramping & Shimming for Siemens MRI systems. Now offering the cryogen monitoring system continuously monitors key operating parameters and functions of the MRI System, alerting key personnel and proactively preventing any potential helium loss and/or equipment failure.

Exchange Program

With this program, we will replace unit  immediately. You then return your broken unit to us . This program minimizes down time, eliminates helium loss through boil off and enables you to maintain productivity with your equipment.

Repair Program

We will gladly accept your equipment for repair on a time and materials basis. Once we receive your coldhead, we will perform an evaluation and present you with a detailed diagnosis and recommendation of specific parts, time and procedures required to return your unit to its original performance.

With either option, MEDICARE SOLUTIONS & SERVICES provides complete testing of all units.